Hope Community Center is a Christian, non-profit charity. Hope community centre aims  at giving hope  and building  a future for  Kenyan   kids, who  live in  the streets,  are orphans after   losing  parents  to AIDS  or are abandoned  by  their families due  to poverty

The orphanage is located 172 Kilometers North East of Nairobi in Kinangop close to Naivasha  town. It  is  registered   in Kenya under  the  Registrar of  Societies of  Kenya. 

Hope Community Center
seeks to  create a caring and compassionate environment, where children are supported with spiritual, physical, emotional and psychological needs, a place where they are endowed with self esteem, respect, are made  to feel responsible.

Hope community centre was started in 1998. We currently have 320 children,  One thing remains the same; "This is a home where children are loved" Sister Lucy says, "It's not an orphan's home and it's not an institution. It is a home with a home atmosphere. That's what we've always tried to make it

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